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“The i-lLpo is amazing! It?s an affordable, painless and effective procedure to offer your clients!”
Dr Chantelle Eybers

“i-Lipo is a technology that really works as a targeted fat reduction system. Each of my patients loose between 2cm ? 4cm per session. It is a great asset in each business to motivate patients to reach their ideal body with optimum health and wellness. Having visible results in the first session is a fantastic way to motivate patients to stay fit and maintain a healthy eating plan not only during the 8 treatment sessions, but long after the completion of the treatment course.”
Dr. M.E.Voshol-Botha, South Africa

“My girlfriend and I regularly use the gym; however we have both struggled to lose fat around the stomach area. After reading reviews online we decided to try iLipo. The dietary advice greatly helped us with our goals. Towards the end of the treatment we could see a noticeable difference in our target areas. I lost 25cm and my girlfriend lost 12.5cm. We would recommend the nutritional packs during the course of the treatments.”
R&K, London

“I have always had a problem with fat thighs! I am of medium build and no matter how much exercise I do I could not reduce the size of my thighs. I had heard about iLipo but was very sceptical about it working! I had a consultation and decided to start the programme. I got amazing results straight away and after 3 weeks I lost 7lbs in weight, 18cm across my thighs and toned my overall body. I feel great and would recommend this programme without hesitation.”
K Brookes, Hertfordshire

“I was amazed that after one session I had lost 13cms, sounds an awful lot but in context, consistent over a period of time (4 weeks). I dropped a dress size! Absolutely fabulous!!!”
M Choy, London

“I would highly recommend this Ultra i-lipo to anyone interested in pursuing technology that delivers on its promise. In my opinion, there is no competition whatsoever when faced with the question, ?Which fat reduction laser should I purchase?? In fact, we are currently exceeding over 20 cm of subcutaneous loss on average over eight (8) treatments. Our clients are ecstatic, so are we.”
Joseph D. Whitehead, Laser Clinic of Chesapeake

“Our customers are our biggest fans of the i-Lipo, anything you would refer to your family and friends speaks for itself.”
Kaitlyn Bradley, Sewickley Chiropractic Center, Sewickley, PA

“We have had a great success with the cold laser. Everybody loses inches and the best outcomes are with the patients who are on the low carb diets. We and our patients are very pleased and would recommend iLipo to every practice that has active weight loss program.”
BluePoint Medical

“I have been in practice for 15 years and have owned 10 offices in 6 states, employing laser therapy in almost all of them. When the ?laser fat reduction wave? began I was hesitant to purchase other units based on the fact that I understand the parameters that enable lasers to obtain biochemical effects. The other products were just not comparable, and did not work as well. I gained competitive advantage by getting better results with superior equipment. The i-lipo is that equipment.”
Dr Anthony J DiCesaro III

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