Body Slim Laser Pro

Body Slim Laser Pro are a laser clinic based in San Francisco Bay, CA. At Body Slim Laser Pro we use the i-Lipo noninvasive laser body contouring system as part of a healthy lifestyle transformation.

Our goal for every client is to become healthier while losing inches. We screen all prospective clients for metabolic issues that might interfere with the process and provide every patient with the tools needed to get slimmer and healthier and stay that way. Last, but not least, we also provide dietary consultations and sample exercise programs to help enhance treatment results.

Frequently asked Questions…

How many inches will I lose?
We expect at least 1.5? ? 2.7? reduction in waist girth per session (4.5? ? 8? cumulative inches) and a loss of 1 ? 2 dress sizes after 8 treatments as well as similar results from other body areas. Results vary by person depending on your size, BMI, metabolism, etc. Maximum slimming from the treatment will be greatly improved by your commitment to the treatment, post session cardio exercise and balancing your calories in with your calories out.

How do I get started?
Call or contact us for an initial free consult. Feel free to bring a friend. We will review our body slimming program and the science behind it, and answer any questions you may have. We will also provide you with the complete clinical information that discusses why i-Lipo works, including before and after pictures and data. We will be happy to send the clinical information to your physician at your request. You may also pick up a New Client Intake Consult Package. These forms may be picked up, mailed, or emailed to you, and must be completed and signed before we can schedule your first session.

Why all the questions?
Although there has not been a single reported case of a side effect or adverse outcome since the i-Lipo laser was introduced in the UK in 2006, it is important that all clients be screened for any unresolved metabolic disorders that might affect the complete success of your body slimming program. We want your investment to be as successful as possible and our entire staff is dedicated to that end.

What do I wear?
Gym wear is optional but highly recommended. Remember, your i-Lipo technician will need to place the 4 laser paddles and two lymph node stimulators so you may need to remove your outer clothing. Modesty towels and robes will be provided for your comfort.(A loose fitting two piece swim suit for women and similar one piece for men is ideal.) Please refrain from body lotions and heavy colognes.

How long does i-Lipo take?
Your initial appointment will be 30-45 minutes with returns at about 20 minutes. You will have time to discuss your requirements with your therapist, you will be weighed and measured and then spend 20 minutes on the i-Lipo, followed by a 30-40 minute supervised cardio workout with our staff fitness trainer. To ensure the most successful outcome 8 sessions, one every 2-4 days over the course of 4-5 weeks must be committed to. There is no upper limit to the number sessions or number of body locations that may be treated.

What if I am late or need to reschedule a session?
Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your appointment. Because of i-Lipo?s popularity Clients arriving 15 minutes late may not be accommodated. We have a 24 hour cancellation policy and a $25.00 no show fee. We do understand , however, that things happen. Please call, text, or email us as soon as you can if you need to reschedule a session.

How do I find you?
We are located at 2021 Ygnacio Valley Road, Suite C-204 Walnut Creek, CA 94598.

If I buy now, when can I book an appointment?
Our aim is to see clients as quickly as possible. If you book now you should be able to start your course within 2 weeks, depending on the time of day you require your appointments. After work and weekends are our busiest time. Remember, you must complete and return the intake/consult forms before your first session can be scheduled.

Do I have to have two or three days in between my sessions?
Yes. The 2-3 day break allows your body to completely metabolize the maximum amount of released fat cell contents.

Does it hurt?
No. Most clients feel nothing, although a slight warming of the skin under the laser paddles may be noticed towards the end of the sessions.

How does it work?
The cold laser i-Lipo uses an advanced technique called photobiomodulation to trigger the body’s natural metabolic process that releases the triglycerides stored in the adipose cells (otherwise known as body fat).The fat cells contents are broken down into fatty acids and glycerol making them available to the body to be burned as energy. This makes the post session cardio workout mandatory to receive the best results for your investment.

Prior to my sessions I should?
Have a light meal about 2-4 hours prior to your appointment (and for 1-2 hours after), and avoid caffeine, sugar and alcohol on the day of your treatment. You?ll also need to drink plenty of water to maximize your treatment so aim for a minimum of 98 ounces during the 24 hours during and after your session.

What if I can’t exercise on the same day as my treatment?
You need to commit to treatment days when you can exercise. It?s vital for quickly removing fat cells contents from your body and for the success of your body sculpting program.

There are 4 laser paddles. Can I do one on arms, one on stomach, and one on legs?
No, you need to select one body area for each 8 treatment sessions. Stomach, thighs, arms, bingo wings, back, chins, muffin tops, above knees and moobs (male beasts)! After a 2 week break you may schedule another 8 sessions for another area of your body.